The Original Woodie Vintage Caravan was hand built by Mr Fred Lang back in 1961, it was made with solid hardwood and ply, it has since been in the hands of two other people (Fred’s best mate who kept it in his shed for 30 plus years and a Victorian couple who purchased the van in 2013 to renovate and sell) it is now an addition to our family.

The caravan still has a lot of its original charm, overhead cupboards, antique clock, internal lighting, port window in the door and a booth seat. The van came with the original Chef stove and cooktop and Electrolux fridge which was built prior to 1967! All of the equipment had its original warranties and manuals which we have kept! There was also a ‘ten-in-one’ outdoor multi tool with all the bits and pieces with the van, the paper work alone for this is priceless - the phone number to contact the company in Melbourne was FJ1764 - lm not sure if that would still be connected!

When we purchased the van late in 2014 my husband and eldest son took a road trip from the Gold Coast to Victoria to pick her up and bring her home, we loved her so much we slept in the van for a week or so before we started pulling her apart and doing the necessary changes to make her into what she is now.
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